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Women to pay MORE because they're WOMEN.

December 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Women are being urged to act swiftly to renew their life insurance policies ahead of new European rules which will ban insurers from taking gender into account from next month.

 A ruling by the European Court of Justice last year means   that from December 21 insurers can no longer consider a customer's gender when calculating, for example, how much they should pay for their car or life insurance or what their retirement income should be.

Women have benefited from lower car insurance premiums due to their lower accident rates, for example. Men have tended to receive higher annuity rates due to their lower average life expectancy, while life insurance has been cheaper for women.

Kevin Pratt, an insurance expert at price comparison website MoneySupermarket, said: "Life insurance has always been cheaper for women as women tend to live for longer and any claim that will be made is further away in time.

"Insurers won't be able to work on that basis. We haven't got a clear indication of the price increases, but if you want the rates that are around at the moment, you need to apply now as the process can take a number of weeks in some cases.

"It can be a complicated process and you may need to go for a medical examination."

The website, which analyses millions of quotes, said it is yet to see any huge price hikes across the car insurance market, and the cost of cover for female motorists is around a third cheaper than for male drivers.

However, Mr Pratt warned against trying to cancel a car insurance policy at this stage to try to lock into a deal before the new rules come in.

He also said he did not expect men to see the cost of their car insurance plummet after the changes.

Mr Pratt said: "If someone is deserving of a premium they are paying at the moment there is no reason why they cannot continue to be deserving, provided that the insurer can find out sufficient information about them as a driver. I would expect to see insurers asking drivers more questions about their record to try and identify what sort of driver they are." (Source MSN News).

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Local Wedding Photographer Hits Pole Position on Google

November 11, 2012  •  1 Comment



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Timberlake Honeymoon Over

November 10, 2012

Honeymoon’s Over For Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake, Couple Fighting Constantly!

Honeymoon's Over For Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake, Couple Fighting Constantly! 1109

I’d hate to say I told you so Jessica Biel but shame on you for thinking Justin Timberlake was going to change just because you managed to put a ring on it. The Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel honeymoon has hit a snag because Jessica’s trying to install all of her wifey privileges way too quickly. Apparently, since she secured the “jackpot” of last names, she thinks she can now tell Justin who he can and cannot be friends with. My guess? Justin wins.

“Jessica and Justin are suffering from a bad case of post-wedding blues. And it’s all because she wants him to dump most of his old friends,” a source told the National Enquirer. “All those guys en­joy weekend trips to Vegas, guys-only golf outings in exotic lo­cales and picking up hot chicks at clubs. And Justin used to be a big part of it. Jessica told Justin, ‘That’s it! Choose your stupid friends or me.’ Jess can’t stand how immature Justin’s buddies are. It bothers her that they always drag him into trouble. And now that Justin and Jess are married, she doesn’t want the guys coming over at all hours and crashing at their home. He told Jessica he’s not ditching his friends. And he added insult to injury when he added that he probably won’t be ready to start a fam­ily for at least two years. Poor Jess was left in tears. And now she’s wondering if marrying Justin was a major mistake.”

Really? You didn’t think the wedding was going to be a mistake when he cheated on you during your entire relationship?

Now, I’m loathe to believe any old National Enquirer story – especially on a slow Friday – but it makes Justin look like a selfish douche so I’ll play along. The only thing I definitely don’t believe is that Jessica gave Justin the “it’s them or me” ultimatum. She might be new to this whole marriage thing but I can’t picture her being that dumb that fast. But I do feel sorry for her even though she is as naive as hell. She probably thought Justin would settle down and want to make babies after the wedding. That’s obviously where she is in her life. He doesn’t sound so ready which is totally OK unless, of course, he told he was just to shut her up. Hasn’t Jessica figured it out yet? The relationship is about him.  His friends know this which is why he’s not getting rid of them anytime soon.

Are Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake fighting already, you think? Did Jessica really convince herself marriage was going to change their relationship?



Crazed Gunman shoots family at Wedding

November 07, 2012

THE couple whose wedding was shattered by a fatal shooting have revealed they are "too scared to enjoy married life".

Roki and Sasha leaving the wedding ceremony service. Source: The Daily Telegraph


Roki and Sasha Strbac, whose wedding became the scene of a fatal shooting at Canley Vale on Sunday night. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Faalau Pisu was shot to death while at a friend's wedding. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Newlyweds Roki and Sasha Strbac yesterday said the killing of Comanchero bikie Faalau Pisu, while he attended their wedding, had ruined their night and destroyed their honeymoon plans.

The couple had only just been clapped and cheered out of the Serbian National Defence Council function centre in the south-west Sydney suburb of Canley Vale early on Monday morning when a gunman opened fire from the street and struck three guests.

Mr Pisu, 23, died a few hours later in hospital, from two bullet wounds to the head. Two men, 27 and 25, were seriously injured.

"We are so angry. That was supposed to be our wedding - a happy time - and now look," Mrs Strbac said.


She said she had no idea why anyone would target their wedding or guests but said it had taken its toll on them and their families.

"I'm too scared to go down the street in case someone recognises me," she said.

The couple have delayed their honeymoon to Thailand because of the stress and shock.

But Mrs Strbac said she and her husband would not be speaking to police investigating the murder.

"We don't want anything more to do with it," Mrs Strbac said.

Gangs Squad detectives continued to track down and interview some of the 300 wedding guests, many of whom were Comanchero members, hoping to find a motive for the shootings.

They said guests' connections to the Comanchero gang were behind the fatal hit but that it was not known whether Mr Pisu was a target.

Gangs Squad boss Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis said police had monitored the event earlier in the night, knowing a lot of bikie members were congregating in the area, possibly raising tensions with rival gangs.

But police left when there did not seem to be any trouble.

The gunman, believed to have been travelling in a blue utility and wearing a balaclava, opened fire about 12.20am.

At Mr Pisu's family's home, near Liverpool, grieving relatives, who said they had no idea he was involved with the Comancheros let alone that he was an active member of its Milperra chapter, spent the day performing Samoan religious ceremonies.

"We already miss him more than you can imagine. This is so unfair, so sad," his girlfriend Linda Hinton said.

An autopsy was due to be carried out yesterday and Ms Hinton said funeral arrangements would be made later this week.

Groom snubs vows and announces to guests his Bride isn't a virgin

November 06, 2012

Groom ordered to pay damages to ex-wife and mother-in-law after announcing she was no longer a virgin at ceremony

  • Jose Proenca Alves told by court to pay £15,000 in damages after announcing to whole church that his bride was 'no longer a virgin' during his wedding ceremony
  • Alves claimed her staunchly-religious parents had denied them any moments of intimacy and refused to consummate their marriage
  • Groom was drunk at his wedding, in Macae, Southeast Brazil, and never once looked at his bride, Vanessa Tonasse

A Brazilian man has been ordered to pay £15,000 in damages to his ex-wife and mother-in-law after he announced in the middle of their wedding ceremony that his bride was 'no longer a virgin', it was reported today.

Jose Proenca Alves had reportedly fallen out with fiancee Vanessa Tonasse's parents because they had refused to them sleep together until after they were married.

Even after the couple had tied the knot at a civil ceremony two days before the church service, the bride's staunchly-religious parents had still refused to let them consummate the marriage, he claimed.

Damages: Jose Proenca Alves was ordered to pay £15,000 in damages to his former wife and mother-in-law after he announced during his wedding ceremony that his bride was 'no longer a virgin' in the town of Macae, south-east Brazil (pictured)

Damages: Jose Proenca Alves was ordered to pay £15,000 in damages to his former wife and mother-in-law after he announced during his wedding ceremony that his bride was 'no longer a virgin' in the town of Macae, south-east Brazil (pictured)

According to guests, the groom appeared under the influence of alcohol as he arrived for the wedding at a Catholic church in Macae, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, southeast Brazil.

Federal judge Nanci Mahfuz said: 'Mr Alves was impassive, with a miserable face, during the whole ceremony.

'When Ms Tonasse's father gave her away at the altar, Mr Alves took a long time to take her hand, which caused considerable awkwardness among those gathered.

'He never once looked at his bride and didn't say his wedding vows, replying that he'd already done that two days earlier, causing embarrassment.'

'He never once looked at his bride and didn't say his wedding vows... causing embarrassment'

Federal Judge Nanci Mahfuz

It was after the couple had been pronounced man and wife that Mr Alves turned round to the 400 wedding guests and announced his newly-wedded wife wasn't a virgin as her parents believed, according to witnesses.

He then verbally insulted his bride's husband and claimed that Ms Tonasse had lied to her mother and father 'so she wouldn't lose out on the big wedding reception her dad had promised her.'

After his outburst Mr Alves left the church alone and the wedding party was cancelled, Rio de Janeiro's 12th Civil Court heard.

Following the wedding day disaster in June 2005 Ms Tonasse separated from Mr Alves and the marriage was annulled.

Mr Alves had argued that his future mother-in-law had humiliated him by banning the engaged couple from 'any kind of intimacy'.

But at the hearing on Monday, Judge Mahfuz said: 'Regardless of the reasons brought by the defendant, it remains proven that he acted in an offensive way which caused undeniable psychological and physical damage to the claimants, during an unfortunate and humiliating episode in the lives of all involved.'

Mr Alves was ordered to pay around £15,000 to Ms Tonasse and her mother for 'moral and material damages'. He has 15 days to appeal the sentence.


Bride sticks two fingers up to cancer

November 05, 2012

Bride refused to give in to cancer

THE BIG DAY: Jean and Ian Jamieson sign the register during the ceremony at The James Cook University Hospital

A BLUSHING bride with terminal cancer who has defied doctors to battle the illness for 18 months has married her fiance.

Jean Jamieson, 64, of Tudhoe, County Durham, was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year and was given a year to live last May.

Refusing to give in, she has fought the cancer and she and her long-term partner, Ian Jamieson, 64, tied the knot last month.

The emotional civil service saw family and staff gather at The James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough.

Mr Jamieson, a retired Durham Police inspector, said: “We’d been together for seven years and we’d talked about getting married and then Jean was diagnosed with the cancer.

“I went to visit her on Monday, October 15 and she proposed to me by writing ‘will you marry me’ on the back of a card.

“I had no hesitation in saying yes as we’d always wanted to get married. We decided to get married on the Friday and I had three days to get everything sorted.

“She wanted to pick her own ring, so I brought in the Argos catalogue and then I had to get the ring and arrange for special marriage licences.”

He added: “If she had not asked me to marry her then I would have asked her. The hospital staff were great and they decorated the ward for us and, although it was a rush, it was all worth it in the end.”

The families became friends and when Mr Jamieson divorced and Mr Young died they drifted apart – but a chance meeting brought them together.

Mr Jamieson met one of Mrs Jamieson’s relatives at a Rotary Club of Spennymoor event in 2006 and decided to contact her.

They planned to move in together, but then the former community nurse was diagnosed with cancer.

Between them the couple have four sons – Lee, Peter, Richard and Andrew – and grandchildren Chloe and Ethan.

Mrs Jamieson, who is now being treated in Sedgfield Community Hospital, County Durham, hopes to see the the newest member of her family – son Richard and girlfriend Michaela’s baby, who they plan to call Evie Young, when she is born in December.

Elizabeth Price, lead nurse for end-of-life care and bereavement at the hospital, said: “It’s very rare that we have a wedding on a ward.

“But when a wedding does go ahead the staff always pull out all the stops to make the room look nice and make the day extra special.”

Millband wants Gay Weddings in Churches before 2015

November 05, 2012

Let churches hold gay weddings, says Miliband

Churches and other religious institutions should be free to stage gay weddings, Ed Miliband said today.

The Labour leader backed Government plans to legislate for same-sex marriages as a sign that Britain is a "modern country".

However, he went further than ministers in calling for the right to hold same-sex marriages to be extended to faith groups as well.

In a video recorded for the Out4Marriage campaign, he said: "I think, whether you are gay or straight, you should be able to signify your commitment, your love with the term 'marriage', and so the Labour Party provides its wholehearted support for this campaign.

"We will be pushing the Government to get on with the process for legislating for equal marriage, and we'll also be saying to them, where faith groups want to provide that opportunity for gay couples as well as straight couples, they should be able to do so.

"We've come a long way on gay and lesbian rights in the last two decades - civil partnerships, age of consent, a range of other things - but I know there's further to go.

The Government is currently consulting on proposals for civil marriages for same-sex couples in England and Wales, with legislation promised before the next general election in 2015.

The Scottish Government, meanwhile, has said it intends to legislate for both civil and religious marriages for same-sex couples in Scotland.

Benjamin Cohen, of Out4Marriage, welcomed Mr Miliband's support for extending the legislation in England and Wales to cover religious ceremonies as well.

"There are many gay couples of faith and there are many faith groups that embrace gay people and so it's only right for faith groups that wish to conduct same-sex marriages to be allowed to do so under law," he said.

"We need full marriage equality, not a half-step that continues to deny gay couples to right to marry in churches, synagogues and meeting houses that are happy to accommodate them. We hope and trust that the Government will come to the same conclusion as the Labour Party."


Man gets Demoted for Denouncing Gay Marriage on Facebook

November 04, 2012

Man fights work demotion over gay wedding comment

A Christian who was demoted in his job for a comment he wrote on Facebook about gay marriages has taken his employer to court.

Adrian Smith, 55, lost his managerial position and had a 40% salary cut after saying a gay wedding held in a churches was an "equality too far".

Mr Smith, speaking at the start of the trial at Manchester County Court, claimed Trafford Housing Trust (THT) acted unlawfully in demoting him.

The trial is due to end on Friday.

Disciplinary action was launched against Mr Smith when he commented next to a BBC News Online story, written in February 2011, with the headline, "Gay church 'marriage' set to get the go-ahead".

He claims THT breached his employment contract and interfered with his right to free speech.

Mr Smith, from Bolton, is being supported in his legal action by The Christian Institute, a national charity that defends the religious liberty of Christians.

The trust says it took action as his comment broke its code of conduct.

Man sues Bride for being UGLY and the Court awards £75,000!

November 04, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


Jian Feng's wife after the surgeryJian Feng's wife after the surgery
Before and after: Jian Feng's wife spent US$100,000 on plastic surgery before she got married

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But for one man from northern China, this was not the case. Earlier this year, Jian Feng, divorced and sued his wife for being ugly.

He won his case and was awarded a little under £75,000 by the judge.

Mr Feng said he took issue with his wife’s looks only after the couple’s daughter was born.

He was shocked by the child’s appearance, calling her ‘incredibly ugly’ and saying she looked like neither one of her parents.

Mr Feng was so outraged that he initially accused his wife of cheating.

Faced with the accusation, his wife admitted to spending around £62,000 on plastic surgery which had altered her appearance drastically.

She had the work done before she met her husband and never told him about it after they met.

Mr Feng filed for divorce saying his wife had deceived him and convinced him to marry her under false pretenses.

The judge agreed with him and awarded him the damages.



Table Wine for the Wedding

November 04, 2012  •  1 Comment

One of perhaps the most costly examples of how your budget can be tamed is with the table wine. How can you get "cheap" and your guests exclaiming "wow this is nice"? Well this month’s recommendation is a wine to suit all pallets and surprisingly is from B&M bargains at £3.49. Otto Pressler are the producer of this medium fruity wine and being from Germany you can guarantee taste and fruit which is often missing in some of its French Counterparts. It is I would say border line medium dry but sweet enough to help those who don't like drinking wine because of its dryness - which - it definitely is not. With all the sweetness of the wedding food and cake and buffet you need something that carries the sweetness otherwise your toasting wine will end up tasting like vinegar. So, £3.49, B&M bargains from Otto Pressler, Niersteiner Gutes Domtal 2008.

Lady Gaga planning to get revenge at Friends Wedding

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Lady Gaga is on a mission to look her best at a childhood pal's upcoming wedding in a bid to exact revenge on the mean girls who bullied her at high school.

The pop star has been helping her best friend from school organise her upcoming nuptials, and even took her to Vera Wang's New York City boutique in August to try on bridal gowns.

And the Bad Romance singer admits she wants to look stunning at the celebrations as she wants to impress fellow guests, including the girls she grew up with who were cruel to her.

She tells Stylist magazine, "I was kind of afraid to admit this, but I'm just going to say it anyway, 'cos I think my fans will really appreciate it. I am throwing my best friend an engagement party this weekend, and I'm going to be seeing all these girls from high school, and I would be totally lying to you if I didn't say I was worried about how I'm going to look!

"I was saying earlier, 'I have to look fabulous, I have to look absolutely amazing, some of them were horrible to me!'"

Wedding Couple in Jail instead of being at the alter

November 04, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

 wedding day in jail


Instead of getting married tomorrow, a Durban couple will spend the weekend in jail after they alleged they had been kidnapped and held for ransom.

Durban - A Durban couple who were due to tie the knot on Saturday, are behind bars after they allegedly sent an SMS to a relative, falsely claiming they had been kidnapped and held for ransom.

Two weeks after the couple disappeared, it emerged on Thursday that the groom owed the bride’s family R32 000 in lobolo.

The kidnap for ransom plot was allegedly hatched as a desperate attempt to secure the cash to settle his debt.

The church had been booked, the priest’s services had been secured and the caterer had been paid.

The couple were due to say their vows at the St Aidan’s Church in Durban on Saturday morning, followed by a reception in the adjoining hall. A traditional Zulu wedding had been planned for Sunday in Umlazi.

But a relative who had promised to loan the groom the money to pay the lobolo, backtracked. The wedding could not go ahead if the lobolo was not paid, a relative said.

So the cash-strapped groom allegedly cooked up the kidnap plan with his bride to ensure the wedding went ahead as planned.

Now the wedding has been called off and the couple will have to spend the weekend in jail.

A task team, which worked for more than two weeks to find the couple, located them in Puntans Hill, near Springfield, on Thursday.

They are expected to appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of defeating the ends of justice.

A relative of the bride, who received the ransom SMS on October 21, alerted police and a case of kidnapping was opened at Durban Central police station.

Durban Central police spokesman, Captain Kephu Ndlovu, said the task team followed several leads before finding the couple.

“They were fine and could answer about the alleged kidnapping. “They were arrested and taken into custody.

“This was a waste of state resources and time. If they are convicted they could face time in jail and they may have to pay the police costs. This type of behaviour cannot be tolerated.”

A relative said she last saw the couple on October 19, when they had asked her to take care of their four-month-old baby.

She said the bride had told her they had a few errands to complete before the wedding.

She said she was surprised by their decision to leave the baby, as she was breastfeeding.

On October 20, the groom’s family were due to go to her home in Umlazi to pay the outstanding lobolo - in cows.

They had already paid a cash deposit of R7 500. She said relatives from throughout the province had been invited to attend.

But the bridal couple and groom’s family failed to pitch.

The relative said they had prepared meals and waited the entire day for the couple and the groom’s family.

She said on October 21, she received a call at 7am from an unknown woman who told her the couple had been kidnapped and would only be released for a ransom.

The woman then ended the call and sent the relative an sms, making a ransom demand.

She did not stipulate the amount. The SMS and phone call could not be traced. The relative then reported the incident to police.

She said for the past two weeks she had been caring for the couple’s baby and worrying about their safety.

Local church members held daily prayer services after the couple’s disappearance.

All the plans for the wedding had been finalised and the bride’s family were just waiting for the lobolo to be paid, she said.

She said she was shocked when police arrived at her home at 3am on Thursday with the couple in the police van.

She said she confirmed their identity and police placed them under arrest.

Drug User Steals 87 year old terminally ill womans wedding ring

November 04, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


Wedding ring thief Steven Kerr .

A DRUG user who stole the wedding ring from the finger of a terminally ill 87-year-old woman has had his jail term cut on appeal.

Steven George Kerr, 36, broke into his neighbour Nellie Holliday’s home in the early hours of the morning when she was in bed and grabbed her ring and a gold chain from around her neck.

Kerr, of Highfield Crescent in Barlby, Selby, was jailed for 14 years at York Crown Court in May, by when his victim had died from breast cancer.

He was convicted of robbery and admitted burglary and two drugs offences.

Yesterday, Lord Justice Toulson, Mr Justice Langstaff and Judge Anthony Morris QC, at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, cut his sentence by two years but the decision was condemned locally.

Coun Stephanie Duckett, who lived near Mrs Holliday, said: “They ought to have thought how they would have felt if it had been their mum laid there, terminally ill, having jewellery ripped off her neck and fingers by a near neighbour she knew and trusted. How would they feel? I suppose it [14 years] does seem like a long time, but really it’s just so abhorrent what he did, it really is. I’m not saying it caused Nellie to go, but it certainly didn’t help.”

Coun Duckett also said Kerr had robbed Mrs Holliday of her right to die peacefully in her own home and said: “It really sticks in the craw of any decent-minded person, what he did to that lovely old lady.”

He said Mrs Holliday had told her she couldn’t face going home and said: “Nobody should feel like that.”

Kerr lived two houses from his victim and had done gardening for her a few months before the “cowardly” robbery on March 9, 2011.

Mrs Holliday had only a few months left to live.

She also suffered from high blood pressure and anaemia and was hard of hearing.

Kerr, wearing a balaclava, broke into her home at 2.30am. The victim was in her bed downstairs, too frail to go upstairs, and Kerr stole her jewellery from her before walking calmly away without speaking.

Mrs Holliday frantically called for help using an alert service in her home and Kerr was tracked to his house by a police dog.

Kerr, who has been a drug user for 20 years, carried out the robbery while on bail for offences of supplying class-C drugs and allowing his house to be used for the supply of heroin.

After being released on bail for the robbery he burgled a house and stole a watch.

Lawyers for Kerr yesterday argued the robbery sentence was too long and the total term too high.

Lord Justice Toulson agreed the sentence was too harsh and allowed the appeal, reducing Kerr’s total term to 12 years.

He will serve half before qualifying for automatic release.

Keith Richards and Rod Stewart set to be best men at Ronnie Wood Wedding

November 04, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Keith Richards and Rod Stewart to be best men at Ronnie Wood wedding

Rolling Stone wants fellow rockers at ceremony


Rolling Stones Tickets

Ronnie Wood's upcoming marriage to girlfriend Sally Humphreys is set to be a star-studded event, with bandmate Keith Richards and fellow rocker Rod Stewart set to to be best men at the wedding.

Stewart and Richards are set to be two of three best men at the marriage, with one of his sons - Jesse, Tyrone or Jamie - set to take the third spot at the 2013 ceremony.

We wonder which is harder - picking a fellow Rolling Stone for the role, or one of his sons!

Wood and Humpreys have been dating for a little over six months, but after short-lived romances with a string of younger women, the pair are set to wed in the New Year.

The pair have been friends for nine years and Wood reportedly asked Humprey's parents for permission to marry before popping the question after the pair attended the London premiere of the Rolling Stones documentary, Crossfire Hurricane.

"Nothing is set in stone but Ronnie wants a New Year’s Day wedding so they are aiming for those early days of next year depending on what is available," says a source, reports The Daily Record. "The couple are looking at central London registry offices.

"If they choose Marylebone registry office, they will follow in the footsteps of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Liam Gallagher."

Wood and Humpreys have been friends for nine years - and dated for six months

News of Wood's proposal broke on 30 October 2012. Ronnie proposed after confirming the upcoming run of Rolling Stones concerts.

Ronnie Wood was married to his first wife, Krissy Findlay, from 1971 to 1978 and split from his second wife, Jo Wood, in 2008 after she discovered that he had a fling with a 24-year-old waitress.

A source told The Sun: "Ronnie and Sally have been friends a long time. He always had an eye for her but she was in a relationship.

"They've been inseparable for months and he decided to tie the knot again. Keith Richards has been laughing about it. He's sick of buying him wedding presents."

His stepson Jamie spoke out earlier this year about the couple, claiming that Sally is different.

He said, "Sally's not one of the bimbos he usually goes for. She's exactly what he needs. I don't think he can keep up with bimbos anymore."

Wedding Fairs in November 2012

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Pledgdon Barn Wedding Show, Henham

  • Sun 4th November 12
  • The Kingscliff Hotel Wedding Show, Holland on Sea

    Sun 4th November 12
  • The Huntingdon Wedding Fair, Hinchingbrooke House

    Sun 4th November 12
  • A Fanciful Affair

    Sun 4th November 12
  • The Brighton Wedding Show

    Sun 4th November 12
    Brighton and Hove
  • The Brentwood Wedding Show

    Sun 4th November 12
  • Hanbury Manor Wedding Open Evening

    Mon 5th November 12
  • My Happy Ever After Wedding Event - Hull - 11.11.2012

    Sun 11th November 12
    East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Pall Mall London Wedding Fair

    Sun 11th November 12
    Greater London
  • Bridal Clearance Sale

    Sun 11th November 12
  • Watford Football Club Wedding Show, Watford

    Sun 11th November 12
  • The Northbrook Park, Wedding Fair

    Sun 11th November 12
  • Tantrums & Tiaras

    Sun 11th November 12
  • My Happy Ever After Wedding Event - Cambridge 18.11.2012

    Sun 18th November 12
  • Edgbaston Cricket Club, Birmingham

  • Sun 18th November 12
    West Midlands
  • DC Wedding Fayres - Riverside Hotel, Monmouth

    Sun 18th November 12
  • The Hertfordshire Wedding Exhibition, St Albans

    Sun 18th November 12
  • The Wedding Festival

    Sun 18th November 12

    Sun 18th November 12
  • Cheltenham Park Hotel Wedding Show

    Sun 25th November 12



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